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I am a musician, studio and life sound engineer - offering mixing, mastering and collaborative feedback.

~Here for the slaps, bops and drops~

It is a pleasure to learn how to adapt to all music and its unique approaches, I find my ear especially attuned to Indie, R&B, Soul, Jazz, lofi, Experimental and a variety of electronic music sub-genres.

Studio Work

-Freelance Audio Engineer (currently based in Paris, France)

-Softlight Studio, CA - Tracking, Mixing and Instuctor

-RFG Studio, NC - Studio Manager and Lead Engineer

-Wet Bandit Audio, NC - Tracking and Mixing Engineer

Live Sound


-The Roseland Theater, Crystal Ballroom and Wonder Ballroom

- Horne Audio (Mixing engineer, flying PA and complete audio system installation)

-Sonousman (FOH engineer and audio system installation)



–Beloved Festival, Rose Festival, Country Music Festival, Summer Fest, Beer Fest



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